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morningxnoonxnight said: *quietly wonders if mun is her other mun friend* hmmmm

*pretends ball is Aleksandra* It’s me!

 Hannibal/ TGWTDT     [x]

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Hannibal + TGWTDT Crossover

At the request of Jack Crawford, Hannibal and Lisbeth meet for the first time to consult on the Chesapeake Ripper case.

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Would you prefer institutionalization?

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I don’t know if you could call ‘Californian’ an accent. I would say, a cross between Southern and West coast.


"I could assume you are here with someone but we don’t let kids in the shop unattended." This little girl was going to cause some trouble. Who knew what she would get into.


"You walked into the shop the other day.. I was walking out. I remember because you reminded me of ‘Nirvana’. Odd, isn’t it?" 

 Beast and the Harlot
 M. Shadows

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Almost Easy
    M. Shadows

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Send me a ❖ and my muse will kiss yours

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